3D laser scan


You want to integrate existing plants fast and reliable in the design of new plant sections? We offer the deployment of precise 3D laser scans.

Manual measurement is a thing of the past due to the 3D laser scan technology. 90.000 measurement points per second ensure meticulous transfer of existing plants into the CAD model. This simplifies the as-built documentation a lot and increases security in planning. What’s behind? Measurement points are copied to the CAD system, where they appear as point clouds. This results in higher quality of the engineering, as design errors can be minimised due to the accurate projection of the environment. Thereby, designing of new plant sections and collision control is possible without any remodelling.

We offer recording of existing plants as well as data processing for your CAD system. Additionally, you can rent our equipment, if you want to do the measurement by yourself.


We use this technology for e.g.

  • collision control for modifications of existing plants
  • recording of the environment for new constructions
  • as-built documentation
  • and much more

Technical Data

  • Reach: 0,6m to 130m
  • Laser class: 1
  • Accuracy: ± 2mm (systematic measurement error)

Client benefits

  • Recording of the whole environment
  • Minimisation of design errors
  • Accurate 3D documentation
  • Possibility of virtual plant inspection
  • Fast data exchange with external partners and easy documentation of comments and modifications

Our Case Studies

Laserscan für einen Neubau

Für einen unserer Kunden wurde eine mit unserem Firmeneigenen Laserscanner eine 3D-Aufnahme der Umgebung der Baustelle durchgeführt. Dabei wurde...


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