Environmental engineering


Do you need assistance with designing municipal or in-house sewage plants? We are your experienced engineering partner, when it comes to successful realisation of environmental projects.

Studies, concepts, cost estimate, design, tendering, on-site construction supervision, final approval – there are many things to take into consideration during designing and construction of new plants. We as your strong partner support you in keeping the overview to reach your target safe and fast. This is ensured by our years of experience in preparing wastewater disposal concepts as well as our highly qualified technical specialists. Upon request, we take over the whole planning and handling of your project including those services needed for funding. Among other things, we prepare specifications and costing or design channel routes in consideration of specific constructional factors in high quality by means of customised project planning and CAD software.

Upon request, we assist municipalities and operators with information events and citizen information.


Development & engineering

Our years of experience and our comprehensive range of services, i.e.

  • preparation of wastewater disposal concepts
  • evaluation of different options regarding project funding
  • preparation of the project for submission

makes Spitzer Engineering a strong partner in the field of environmental engineering.

Our case studies

Media bridge

Media bridge serves as supply of technical media, like natural gas, as well as of energy by power lines from the transformer station. Based on...

Emergency braking system

Emergency braking system is needed to stop the transport in a safe manner, in case of power failure of the operating brake. Therefore,...

Mountain climber platform

Platform for passenger transport at a sports facility Lightweight construction was an essential aspect for the engineering of the platform....

Green Big Data

Objective of the so-called “Innovationslehrgang” is the training of employees of various companies in the field of green big data. Afterwards,...

Spitzer Engineering Forschung und Entwicklung


Research cooperation in the field of sorption heat storage was established with our project partners. In the Austrian lead project “novalSORP”...

Spitzer Engineering Büro Planung


Aim of the project is the development of a laboratory prototype of a hybrid membrane adsorption technology for the selective separation of...


Professional consulting

Spitzer Engineering is one of the biggest engineering companies in Austria. Our services range from sketch to detail engineering and from design to production supervision. Profound expertise and know-how guarantee top support in design, construction and consulting.

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